Race Programs

Hot Laps: 3 Laps

Ride in an authentic NASCAR Sprint Cup stock car for 3 exhilarating laps and a taste of racing adventure will be yours, so fasten your safety belts and hang on!

Price: $129

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Rookie Rush: 6-8 Laps

The Rookie Test program is our latest program for individuals who want to just get in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Car to see what the excitement is really all about.

Price: $369

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Rookie Rush 2: 12-16 Laps

This is the same great experience as our Rookie Rush, but DOUBLE LAPS and DOUBLE THE EXCITEMENT. 

Price: $738

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The Qualifier: 8 Laps

The Qualifier program is our entry level 8 solo lap program for individuals who want to just get in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Car to see what the excitement is all about. All we can tell you is this is never enough, our students just come out of the race car wanting more.

Price: $572

Price: $429 - Save 25%

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Warmin' Up: 15 Laps

Our Warmin’ Up program is clearly one of the most popular programs. Drivers are on the track for 15 white-knuckled “solo” laps of sheer thrill and excitement.

Price: $799

Price: $599 - Save 25%

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Gearin' Up: 30 Laps

You can now get “geared up” for even more detailed trackside training, solo laps and seat time behind the wheel of an authentic Nascar Sprint Cup race car.

Price: $1,398

Price: $1,049 - Save 25%

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Start Me Up: 50 Laps

Guaranteed to start up your excitement level, this program takes you beyond “Gearin’ Up” to give you more drive time in the car and key instructor feedback on your driving as you increase your speeds. You’ll learn the proper technique of “apexing” and how to negotiate corners throughout a full day at the track, with 50 solo laps.

Price: $1,649

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Need 4 Speed: 75 Laps

Speed is the name of the game in this program, as you spend more time on the track with the other cars. You'll feel more comfortable and learn the proper racing “groove” which will enable you to increase your speeds. Seat time is a key factor to increasing speeds.

Price: $2,399

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Crank It Up: 100 Laps

Warning: This program could make you want to give up your present job and become a full-fledged race car driving professional. Crank It Up means you’ll be taking a more intense level program, improving your speed and consistency, as well as learning vital passing maneuvers. You’ll get great one-on-one instruction time with our professionals.

Price: $2,899

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Includes fine tuning of racing skills and valuable time with Randy Baker, a leader in race car driver development with more than 20 years of experience.

You have to complete Crank It Up or have comparable racing credentials to head into this Advanced program.

Please call for pricing.



A select program for individuals to spend an entire day with expert Randy Baker. You will run one-on-one with Randy throughout the day — door handle to door handle, nose to tail, inside groove, outside groove. You won’t come closer to an actual race than this high-level day. Just envision Nascar Sprint Cup or Busch Series racing, then put yourself in the picture.

You must have completed our Need 4 Speed program or have prior racing experience to sign up for the Exclusive.

$10,000 to $15,000 depending on the track.
Call for more details.

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