SpeedTech Auto Racing Schools

Challenge the mastery of racing’s high-powered control and single-focused concentration. SpeedTech Auto Racing Schools offer students the keen details of racing, with unparalleled preparation to place you into the driver’s seat of a Sprint Cup race car.

With more than 25 years of racing school instruction and multi-faceted top-level racing expertise, Randy Baker and SpeedTech will give you uncanny power and increased performance beyond the race track. SpeedTech is about motivation, team building and positive energy instilled in an environment of technical prowess and competitive spirit. It’s a bold test of skill and mental stamina that empowers participants on many spectrums. 

Randy Baker wants you to “Know the Difference” between SpeedTech Auto Racing Schools top-shelf motorsports events and any other NASCAR - style driving experience that you may find elsewhere.

The Difference… SpeedTech Auto Racing Schools is a high performance race car driving school. Students are not required to follow an instructor-driven pace car at SpeedTech, and passing other students on the track is allowed. It's easier than you think. SpeedTech's entire fleet consists of authentic all-metal-bodied stock cars equipped with 650 horsepower V8 engines that come from only the top contenders and championship-bred race teams in all of NASCAR.  Without pace cars to follow, SpeedTech Auto Racing Schools provide a freedom not found at any other type of NASCAR Sprint Cup racing school or driving experience. 

Although Speedtech is headquartered in the heart of race country, Concord, NC, classes are held at the race track in the Nascar media center or garage whether its at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Bristol Motor Speedway, Kentucky Speedway, or Richmond International Raceway.


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